The Nervous System & Yin Yoga

Exploring and Managing Sensation

May our study be enlightening...

Yin Yoga is so much more than asana – it's also a platform for growth and transformation. If we want to help our students build up the inner resources to meet life's challenges, then we have to share the practices that train them up.

We often talk about "playing the edge" in Yin Yoga. And many teachers encourage their students to listen to their body and respond accordingly. The question is: do our student know how to interpret what they're feeling and what's appropriate?

In this workshop, we'll discuss what "playing the edge" really means and how to explore appropriate sensation in a variety of scenarios. You'll also learn how to support your students in interpreting and managing their own experience.

We'll also look at how Yin Yoga can be used to develop proprioception, interoception, and why this matters.

Learning Objectives

In this 3.25hr online workshop, we'll explore how the nervous system and Yin Yoga interact with one another.

Topics include:

  • Fascia and its connection to the nervous system

  • What are proprioception, interoception, and nociception and how these aspects of the nervous system can help students gain more agency in their practice

  • How to promote proprioception and interception through the language you use in your classes

  • What it really means to "play the edge" of sensation in Yin Yoga and how to help your students interpret their experience and ascertain what's appropriate

  • The Three Grounds of Support that can help your students cultivate resilience through sensation.

Your Investment Includes:

Jennifer brings a compassionate approach and talent for making complicated material accessible and interesting. You'll get lifetime access to the following:

  • 2.5hrs recorded video instruction

  • 3 guided audio practices to reinforce concepts described in the workshop (aprox 15mins each)

  • Printable workshop notes with key terms and diagrams

  • Recommended resources

Your Instructor

Jennifer O
Jennifer O'Sullivan

Jennifer O'Sullivan has been teaching yoga and meditation in the Washington, DC area for sixteen years after completing her first training in 2004. She has studied with exemplary yoga teachers from a number of disciplines but is most influenced by Don and Amba Stapleton of Nosara Yoga Institute and Sarah Powers. Jennifer is also greatly inspired by the mindfulness teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and Bhante Gunaratana. She is endorsed by her primary teacher Sarah Powers to teach Insight Yoga, a heart-centered approach that weaves together yoga, Taoism, Buddhism and spiritual psychology.

A teacher's teacher, Jennifer has co-led 200hr teacher trainings and she currently leads her own 50hr Foundations of Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training throughout the mid-Atlantic US. She is a mentor in the Insight Yoga Institute and an assistant to Sarah Powers. You can view her complete bio at:


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this workshop qualify for Yoga Alliance CEUs?
Yes! This workshop qualifies​ for 3.25hrs of non-contact CEUs. To record your CEUs, log in to your teacher dashboard on the Yoga Alliance website and choose "add hours." You'll be prompted​ to select the type of course. Choose the option that says, "Not in Person," and then follow the prompts.
Can I apply this workshop to my yoga training?
This workshop is not directly affiliated with a yoga training program. If you are interested in getting credit towards your program, you'll need to talk to the administrator of your school.
Can I play this workshop to students in my training?
No. Your purchase of this workshop does not include the right to screen it to your students. If you would like to include this workshop in your training program, please get in touch at and we can come up with an arrangement. Jennifer is available (in person or virtually) to teach the material in this workshop at your studio or to your group. You can also host her comprehensive Foundations of Yin Yoga & Mindfulness 50hr Teacher Training.
How long will I have access to the workshop materials?
You have lifetime access to the materials. If I decide to discontinue use of the course platform, you'll have the opportunity to download all the materials including the video recordings.
Do I need special software to access workshop materials?
The online course platform is available via any modern web browser on desktop and mobile.
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Yes! The course platform includes the ability to post comments and questions on the course pages. You can post your questions there and the instructor will reply as promptly as possible.
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